GBJ Architecture | Specializing in healthcare architecture since 1985
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Mission Critical

Science & Technology


    WHO WE ARE    

     With over 30 years in practice and a combined 300 years of experience, we are leaders in design for healthcare, mission critical, science and technology and hospitality based in the pacific northwest.    


  • Collaboration

    Innovative solutions emerge from successful collaboration between Leadership, Staff, Designers and Builders. For over 30-years we have developed a design methodology based on consensus building, to elicit, record and synthesize input from diverse stakeholder groups.

  • Master Planning

    Our true skill is looking ahead to the future, embracing new trends, technologies and innovations. We strive to support your endeavor with planning clarity that embodies your vision, and planning framework to support a specific but flexible plan of action.

  • Sustainability

    Through a holistic approach to design, engineering and construction, we seek “Best Value” solutions relative to environmental stewardship, social awareness and profitability throughout the life of the building.

  • User Experience

    “Our guiding commitment was to design a new hospital that focused on the patient experience, that was a very functional building of quality, and that was finished on budget, on schedule , and safely – and our team brilliantly did just that.” Allison Garr, Former Administrator, MultiCare.

  • LEAN

    Using a workshop approach, mockups, simulations & a variety of hands-on tools, we help clients right-size designs, integrating lean processes & physical design with technology & cultural fluency to direct building performance, satisfaction, quality, & efficiency.

  • Design Facilitation

    Design has the capacity to affect human experience, influence performance, improve healing, morale, productivity, recruitment and return on investment. We believe we can discover together how design can help you achieve your vision.


Providing Value

Our mission is to serve as strategic allies, providing expert knowledge from senior-level staff and principals, exceptional design, and cost conscious delivery.


Our extensive design and planning expertise can be applied in any context where service, technology, innovation, and human interaction are woven. We have diversified our market sector offering beyond healthcare. We now have experience and expertise in Mission Critical, Science & Technology, and Hospitality.


Our principals are actively engaged in projects, crafting architectural solutions that not only serve our clients, but our community as well. In the facilitation of strong client relationships, we know how to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and build consensus.


Healthy, sustainable design has been a core competency of our practice for many years. Responsive design can improve healing, morale, productivity, recruitment, and return on investment.

Want to know more? We’re here to answer any questions you have.